Booster Members

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President Rick Garcia 
1st Vice President, Events and Activities Ana Rubio & Byoung Lee 
2nd Vice President, Ways and Means Carla Trupp 
3rd Vice President, Volunteers Trish Kaplan 
Treasurer Ben Russ 
Parliamentarian Mike Delessio & Andrea Zwick 
Finance Secretary of Family Accounts Zindy Garcia 
Corresponding Secretary Vena Pacumio 
Recording Secretary Camille Thudium 
Auditor Sami Megally 
Historians Rob & Joy Daluraya 
Load/Equipment Manager Michael DeLessio 
Props Manager Michael DeLessio 
Transportation Manager (Open) Michael DeLessio 
Treasurer Assistant - Family Donations Manager Grace Hsu 
Dine Out Manager Roxanne Kish f2 
Concert Manager Irene Chen 
Assistant Concert Manager Regina Chan 
Uniforms Manager Laura Strater 
Spirit Wear - Merchandise Kristin Earney 
Webmaster Joan Lambert 
Programs Joan Lambert 
Alumni Liaison Ben Shiller 
Videographer Rob Daluraya 
Photographer Joy Daluraya 
Chaperone Manager Irene Chen p1 
Chaperone Manager Lisa Botts p2 
Chaperone Manager Euphemia Uhegbu p3 
Drumline Coordinator Carla Trupp q1 
Drumline Coordinator Lori Martin q2 
Color Guard & Winter Guard Manager Izumi Shiina Graham r1 
Color Guard & Winter Guard Manager Ana Rubio r2 
Grants Manager Lori Martin 
Publicity Manager Ana Rubio 
Freshmen Liaison Anita Anita Rajpara 
Showing 35 items