Shop with SCRIP

There is no better time than now to sign up for ShopWithScrip! ShopWithScrip is a fundraising program that gives you the opportunity to raise money to put into YOUR student's Scrip account to use for any music-related expenses such as transportation, uniforms, and Disneyland tickets, just to name a few. With ShopWithScrip, you can purchase gift cards from more than 300 retailers where you would already be spending your money for everyday expenses such as gas, groceries, eating out, and entertainment. 

By purchasing your gift cards through ShopWithScrip, you will receive a rebate of between 3-12% depending on the retailer. So for example, if you know you will be eating out at Red Robin for your child's birthday you can order a $100 gift card from Red Robin and they will give you a 9% rebate. 95% of this rebate will go into your student's Scrip account to use for his or her music related expenses and 5% will go to the Music Boosters. 

At the end of the year, the Financial Secretary of Family Accounts will provide a report showing the amounts each participant in the Scrip Program elected to (i) withdraw from their Family Account in cash, or (ii) roll into their Family Account for the following year, or (iii) roll into a Family Scrip Account for another student living in the same household for the following year, or (iv) donate to the Boosters as a charitable contribution.
Family eScrip + Benefits
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  • Click HERE for Instructions on how to become a Shop with Scrip participant and a PrestoPay user.
  • Click HERE for Shop with Scrip Program Agreement.
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