Annie Wang Scholarship

Annie Wang Memorial Scholarships

A talented and hardworking flautist, Annie Wang brought joy with her everywhere. After joining the Del Norte Music Program in 2012, Annie demonstrated her dedication to the organization through the enthusiasm she brought to every rehearsal, performance, and event.

During her Junior and Senior Year, Annie became a marching band section leader. Her uplifting nature, passion for music, and avid desire to help others made her the embodiment of an effective leader. Annie’s exceptional capacity to empathize with others fostered an inclusive atmosphere, and this compassionate leadership and unwavering authenticity inspired many to follow in her footsteps for years to come.

Annie had a deep love of music and dedicated her high school years to the Del Norte Music Program. We hope these awards can memorialize her legacy and can continue to recognize other students who hold these exceptional abilities.  These awards will be rolled out in two phases: one in the Spring and two in the Winter. 

Annie Wang's Spirit Award ($1000)

This award is in memory of Annie's grace, kindness and compassion. Candidates for this award are all current junior and seniors of the instrumental music program. These students have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and mentorship abilities as well as a strong passion for music. 

                Apply for Annie's Sprit Award HERE!

Annie Wang's Kindness Award ($500, two awardees)

This award is in memory of Annie's generosity, kindness and empathy.  Candidates for this award are members of the of the instrumental music program. These students have consistently demonstrated an exceptional willingness to make themselves accessible in order to help other students or staff as well as prioritize others' needs. 

               Apply for the Annie's Kindness Award HERE!

Annie Wang's Marching Band Dedication Award ($800)

This award is in memory of Annie's grace, kindness and compassion.  Candidates who best fit this award are those that have been in the marching band for 3-4 years and have demonstrated an overall commitment to the marching band and a commitment to team-building and relationship bonding. These students might show their dedication through different forms of leadership or volunteerism, and are individuals who strive to constantly improve.

Apply for the Marching Band Dedication Award HERE!

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Annie Wang Scholarship Recipients

Spirit Award
Jasmine Hsieh
Marching Band Dedication Award
Dofay  Jiang
Kindness Award
Kaela Hamood and Natalie Khan

Spirit Award
Saranya Anandakumar
Marching Band Dedication Award
Will Gillespie
Kindness Award
Karina Levinson and Anya Sabhnani

Spirit Award
Vivian Magahis
Marching Band Dedication Award
Sione Malimali

Spirit Award
Morgan Vankoughnett and Linh Nguyen

Spirit Award
Hannah Nguyen

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Scholarship Rules and Conditions:

Qualified students are eligible to receive each scholarship once during their time at Del Norte High School. Application dates will be posted on the DNHS Music website as well as posted on other social media.

Applications will be reviewed by the Del Norte Music Boosters Scholarship Committee, consisting of 3 DNHS Music Booster board members and managers, and 2 community members.  Scholarship awards will be made by the Scholarship committee and Ling Zentner (Annie’s mother) and Dr. Jennifer Kitelinger (Director of the Del Norte Instrumental Music Program) who will collectively vote on the scholarship awardees.

In the event there is only 1 applicant for a scholarship, the voting group may decide to award the scholarship to the single applicant, or may decide to not award a scholarship for that year.

Family members of the active Scholarship Committee and the active DNHS Music Boosters Board are not eligible for any scholarships in that year. Family members of DNHS Music Booster managers are eligible for scholarships, subject to all other restrictions.  

The scholarship application will be reviewed and approved annually by the Scholarship Committee.  Amendments and changes to the application will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

The DNHS Music Boosters reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.

For more information contact