Color Guard Auditions

Color Guard Auditions

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★ Frequently Asked Questions ★

What is Color Guard?

Color Guard is a performing art/dance sport in which performers dance and spin with a flag and/or prop weapons (ex: sabre & rifle).

What does a year in Color Guard entail?

We participate in 3 seasons throughout the school year.

--> Field Season/Marching Season (Trimester 1, during the fall): Performing with the Marching Band at the stadium/football field and competing against other marching bands.
--> Winter Guard Season (Trimester 2, during the winter): Performing with ONLY the color guard and competing against other color guard teams.
--> Solo & Ensemble Season (Trimester 3, during the spring): Performing & choreographing individually and in smaller groups against other members of the team.

Throughout these seasons, we also participate in occasional pep rallies and seasonal concerts (with the band).

Color guard also gets to participate in other performances at Disneyland, in Padres games, and in other cities along the West Coast!

Can you join Color Guard if you have no dancing or spinning experience?

Of course! Anyone can join color guard, no matter their experience level. Our team's primary purpose is to create an inclusive atmosphere for all.

What days are performances usually on?

Out of School Performances:

--> July 4th Parade

--> Band Camp performance is held on the Friday of camp.

Trimester 1 (Fall Season/Marching Band): Competitions are typically held on Saturdays, but we occasionally perform on Sundays or after school.

--> We also participate in home football games, which are held on Fridays. We do not compete at these.

--> Throughout the trimester, we take part in parades and/or pep rallies, which will usually be on Fridays during school or immediately after.

Trimester 2 (Winter Season/Winter Guard): Competitions are typically held on Saturdays or Sundays.

Trimester 3 (Spring/Solo Season): There are only a few competitions in this season, which are held on Saturdays or Sundays.

--> We perform to the local middle schools (Oak Valley & Design39) to promote color guard. These will usually be during school.

--> The Solo & Ensemble Competition is typically held on a Saturday.

--> We also participate in Night At the Museum, a showcase for all of Del Norte's performing arts. This will most likely be on a Friday, after school.

When are Color Guard practices?

We practice both during the school day (Period 1) and after school. No matter the trimester, color guard practices are always during Period 1. Our after-school rehearsals are on Mondays from 6-9 PM, and Thursdays from 3:45-5:15 PM.

If I want to join, what classes do I sign up for?

--> Marching PE: Tall Flags 1 (Trimester 1, in the PE section of the course request form)

--> Dance Props 1 (Trimester 2, in the Fine Arts section of the course request form)

--> Dance Props 2 (Trimester 3, in the Fine Arts section of the course request form)

Can you join Color Guard even if you want to take AP classes, participate in other sports, join school clubs, and/or be in other extracurriculars?

Yes! Color Guard is easy to balance with other classes and activities. We are flexible. However, it is important to inform us in advance (no less than two days prior to the event) if you are missing any events listed on the calendar. Attendance is important.